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Operating Lease

Use it, then hand it back. This is basically a rental agreement. The financier owns the equipment or vehicle and you pay a regular payment to use it. At the end of the term of the Operating Lease, simply return … Continue reading

Novated Lease

Great for employer and employee. A novated lease is typically used to finance motor vehicles. It is a three way agreement between the employee, employer and a financier. Then by way of a Novation Agreement the lease is Novated to … Continue reading

Finance Lease

The finance tool that saves capital reserves. This is a rental agreement where the financier purchases the asset for you, and you pay the financier for use of the goods. Deposits are not required and ownership of the asset only … Continue reading

Commercial Hire Purchase

You own the item from day one. With Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), you the borrower actually owns title to the asset. At the end of the Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) term, you have the option of having a residual (a … Continue reading

Chattel Mortgage

A tax effective business finance tool. A chattel mortgage is basically a business loan where the borrower actually takes ownership of the goods upon payment by the financier. All of the GST is often claimed back in the business' first … Continue reading

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