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Boat Finance

Our Boat Financing Options Can Have You Sailing

Have you always been dreaming about owning a boat?  Ezylease can make it happen as boating is one of our dreams and we understand the financing process. No matter what your purpose is we can find a lender to finance your boating choice. Whether your boat is for pleasure or business there is a solution for you. Whether you are planning to charter a boat as a business or to spend the afternoon on the water with family we can help find a solution. Pre-approval for a boat  loan gives you more negotiating power when it is time to buy. We will assist you in the pre-approval process and see the process through from start to finish, taking the guesswork out of financing a boat.

Let Us Show You the Ropes before You Purchase

Getting pre-approved for your boat loan gives you leverage when negotiating the best price for your boat. Ezylease makes the pre-approval process simple. We will walk you through the application by putting a price range in place for you. No fees apply and no strings attached to our proposal. Once we have secured your funding, you can  start enjoying your boat. The boat should be all the security you need.

Beware of funders who cross collateralize your loan with your real estate and take the equity in your home as security.

What to Watch for Before Purchasing

Lenders will be looking for a number of factors before they make a decision on your loan. First your income level, your current debt level and your ability to repay the loan are key factors. Your credit history along with your employment history and income levels are also important factors.

Please contact us at 1300 399 532 to speak to one of our Boat Finance experts or use our no obligation  Online Application form now. We will be very happy to assist.

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