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Heavy Machinery & Transport

Financing Everything from Trucks to Heavy Equipment

At Ezylease we pride ourselves in having solutions for nearly every business. If you are in the construction or transport industry we have solutions that will get you moving. Whether you need to finance trucks, access equipment or heavy equipment, we will find a program to finance it for you. Ezylease Specialists are knowledgeable and want to get to know you. We make onsite visits to save you time and to give us a clearer picture of your operation. Our brokers understand what the process is like at a conventional banking institution and we go to great lengths to deliver a better experience for our customers. Once we have assessed your needs we will match you to the right lender and program. In some cases there may multiple solutions that we can merge to one that will give you the most flexibility. Either way there are never any application fees and you are under no obligation to us.

We Have Bargaining Power

With more than 20 lenders at our disposal across the country we have the ability to demand the best programs and interest rates and we pass this privilege to our customers. Ezylease can present you options for semi lease and commercial hire purchase or truck finance or van and trailer loans on new as well as used equipment. Heavy equipment financing is made simple at Ezylease. We have a reputation for funding large pieces of equipment for many industries. We have found solutions for local government, farmers, construction companies, and nearly any business that makes a living moving earth. If your business involves equipment for hire or warehousing or manufacturing, access equipment is the glue that holds your business together. Ezylease has a solution to financing this equipment that suits your business needs and keeps you moving. Ezylease has the expertise to find solutions for financing and leasing and are able to pass on the best programs to our equipment customers. Our specialists will take the time to get to know your business and specific needs before we solicit a loan solution from one of our many equipment financiers. We can negotiate the best interest rates for you and deliver a program that will stand its test of time.

Hiring us is Like Doing Business with a Friend

Whether you need one piece of equipment or a fleet Ezylease will go to great lengths to find the best financing solution for you. We handle the entire process for you from start to finish. All you need to do is decide on the best program and sign the final documents. We do the rest.

• We can secure a loan without additional collateral. The equipment should be enough security for the loan.
• Ezylease will take care of all paperwork including the Letter of Credit required for the loan.
• If necessary we handle the Telegraphic Transfers secured by Escrow Finance Documents which commits you to the term of the loan.
• We pre-approve you for the loan with no fees or obligation. This gives you the power to negotiate the best price and the best piece of equipment.
• We will handle the loan with your supplier and order the equipment for you so you can continue to operate your business with no down time.
• And when needed we provide you with the requisite Foreign Exchange Cover including Currency Hedging for imported equipment.
• Whether you need one piece and 100 pieces we take care of the entire process while you take delivery of your new equipment.

Take Advantage of Us

Ezylease is proud to employ the most knowledgeable Loan Specialists available to assist you in with all you business needs. We can assist you in financing nearly stage of your business and will be with you from the first day you open the door to the day you decide to expand your business.

Please contact us at 1300 399 532 to speak to one of our Equipment Finance experts or use our no obligation  Online Application form now. We will be very happy to assist.

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