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Truck & Transport Special


Policy applies to goods and amounts up to:


Goods Type
Trucks $500,000
Buses $500,000
Trailers $200,000
Earthmoving & Mining $250,000

All other goods are outside of this policy.

Customers will:
−  Have demonstrated “A” class credit rating
−  Have a net tangible asset position greater than $200,000
−  Have a clear CRAA (nothing adverse) for all parties to the transaction
−  Provide current contact details including address, references and telephone numbers
−  Be operating in the same industry type for the last 3 years
−  Have the same signing identities and guarantors on the new contract as their original contract
−  Have declared a clear ability to service their existing loan
−  Have had a current contract with an acceptable financier in the last 6 months which is to be replaced by this application
−  Have an equal monthly payment structure with balloon/residual within ATO and Credit guidelines

• Customers will not:
− Have an increase in their payments that is greater than 25%
− Have fundamentally changed the nature of their work

The goods are:
− A replacement of like for like
− New to 2 years old. Older goods may be considered on a case by case basis.


Please contact us at 1300 399 532 to speak to one of our Car Finance experts or use our no obligation  Online Application form now. We will be very happy to assist.


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