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Ezylease has been working with vendors and referral partners Australia-wide since our very beginning in providing fast and competitive finance solutions for their customers. Whether you are selling big-ticket machinery or smaller items, you are an accountant or financial planner, we can tailor finance packages which will simplify the sales process and keep your clients happy

We currently work with a great number of referral partners which enjoy the benefits of using our expertise and unique approach to finance as being their own. We take it to heart to imerse ourselves in our referral partners' culture and the effects are seen from the repeat business referrals we get from our partners and the ongoing finance work we undertake for their customers.

We have created a online framework based on which we endeavour to ensure customer and referrer satisfaction alike.

Ezysale – What is it?

We are proud to introduce Ezysale our new and innovative web based, online finance quoting tool. We have invested considerable time and effort in developing our software which we are certain will soon become an indispensable part in your sales process. After all, it was the feedback and suggestions from our equipment supplier partners who have been using and testing the software for us that made this possible.

Ezysale enables you to obtain an accurate qualified quote for your customer immediately, saving you time and increasing your appeal to your customer. After all It is more appealing to your customer to buy eg. a crane for $2,950 pcm rather than $180,000 purchased outright. The system will display the financial benefit of their purchase with the help of our comparative costs tool.  This will then empower you to sign up your customer right away and close the deal.
EzySale will keep your cusomer's info organized and secure in a simple yet powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

It will provide you with a real time, qualified finance quote.

The software will create sales comparisons for your client and will print the finance quote as well as ALL necessary documentation.

Once the customer has had an opportunity to review the quote all that remains is to press a button and submit the application for finance:

•We will contact your customers and will talk to them about what to expect.
•We will work directly with them or their  staff to organize what the funders require to get the application underway.
•Once the application is approved and the formalities have been dealt with the funds will be credited in your account directly by the funder.
•Most importantly, you will be able to monitor the whole process from the comfort of your office, real time, 24/7.

Our software is free, easy to use and most importantly it is immediate and will increase your bottom line.

Please contact us at 1300 399 532 or use our contact form and we will be very happy to organize a live demonstration for you and your sales team to show how we know you will increase your sales.

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