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Residential Property Finance

Let Ezylease Find You the Best Loan For Your Home

Since the housing market has changed globally, finding the loan is for the home of your dreams is more challenging. That is why it is important to shop around for alternatives. Ezylease can assist you with program that conventional banks cannot. Banks have become quite restrictive when it comes to lending new mortgages. In today’s economic climate, they lend only to those with spotless credit history. Because Ezylease has a relationship with more than 20 lenders across the country, we can find alternative programs and the best interest rates for homeowners.

We Go the Extra Mile

Ezylease may be a small business but we think big. We go the extra step to make our customers feel comfortable and secure that they are receiving the best possible deal available. If you are purchasing a new home we know it is an exciting time. We will make the process painless by coming to you and handling the process from start to finish.

We Like to Get To Know You

At Ezylease you will only deal with one specialist. This way you can get to know each other and there are no loose ends that can interfere with financing your home. We equip you with the right tools to negotiate the best deal by pre-approving you for a loan before you start the process of house hunting. We assess your personal situation and recommend the best program for you.

Finding the Home of Your Dreams

Once you have been pre-approved for a loan, you will be armed with much more information when it comes time to shop for your home. Knowing your purchasing power also saves you much time by narrowing your search. This is also essential if you are purchasing at an auction because you then know how to bargain on the auctioned property.

Don’t forget Ezylease for all your home financing needs.

• We are your best contact on financing new homes, existing homes and home renovations

• We can help you with deposit bonds, bridge loans, and consolidating your debt

• We can save you thousands of dollars by re-financing your existing loan with lower interest rates

• You can rely on Ezylease to walk you through the purchase of your first home

• We handle paperwork from start to finish, leaving the process simple and painless

• We offer equity release programs for seniors

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